Humor and Event Tips for Meeting Planners

Audience Applauding Great Speech After Conference Presentation

How To Give A Great Speech – 20 Tips

By Adam Christing | June 21, 2019

Make your next speech, presentation, or keynote address a hit with your attendees. Use these 15 Positive P’s to ensure your message is memorable. And avoid the 5 Problem P’s that characterize a weak speaker. Read on and discover how to speak with more confidence and clarity! Use these 15 Powerful P’s to Deliver a … Read more

How to Be a Great Event Planner

By Adam Christing | May 23, 2019

Or, How to Plan a Successful Event in Ten Simple Steps Corporate event planning has a lot of moving parts to keep track of. From defining the purpose of your event to picking the perfect host, these ten simple questions are a great way to focus your efforts so that your event can be a … Read more

Corporate Entertainment Planning In 5 Steps

By Adam Christing | March 26, 2019

When planning for any corporate event, you need to make sure the best entertainment options are considered. Excellent corporate entertainers can make your event a great success, but if poor it can potentially ruin your business opportunities. Taking the right steps in the planning process is key to achieving the desired goals. The following 5 steps if … Read more

Corporate Entertainers and Speakers to Make You Look Good

By Adam Christing | March 26, 2019

Clean Comedians® provides world-class comedians, motivational speakers, MCs, comedy magicians and entertainers to the largest and most exclusive corporate events across the globe. WE WILL MAKE YOUR KICK-OFF PROGRAMS * ANNUAL DINNER MEETINGS * AWARD SHOWS * HOLIDAY EVENTS * PRODUCT LAUNCHES * A SUPER SUCCESS We represent corporate comedians that will delight everyone in your audience without offending or … Read more

Hire a Master of Ceremonies: The Secret To Making Everyone Happy At Your Next Program

By Adam Christing | March 24, 2019

How meeting and event coordinators entertain with positive humor When event coordinator Karen Armstrong was looking for something different for her awards program, the last thing she considered was hiring a comedian. She says, “We wanted a funny entertainer at our banquet, but I never want to offend our people with rude, crude or socially … Read more

5 Reasons Why Corporate Entertainment Is Important At Your Next Event

By Adam Christing | March 24, 2019

While there’s no magic formula for organizing the perfect corporate event, there are a few nearly sure-fire ways to spice up any gathering. Hiring a professional entertainer like a comedian or an illusionist can be the difference between a stellar event and a humdrum affair. In fact, corporate entertainment confers more benefits than most realize. … Read more