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4 Ways A Comedian Can Help You Improve Your Workplace Environment

How To Improve Work Environment

More often than not, our employees are heavily affected by their surroundings. In fact, a staggering 72% of employees have left a job before due to a toxic work environment. Key Takeaways A comedian knows how to use comedy to relieve stress and tension Laughter truly is medicine and can help your team feel a … Read more

3 Ways To Make Your Event Unforgettable With Clean Comedians®

What Makes An Event Memorable

Even if you’ve been working day and night to plan the perfect event, there’s always that inevitable fear that it will all end in disaster. Every event planner’s worst nightmare is that the free food will end up being the highlight of the evening. Key Takeaways Our speakers know how to keep an event active … Read more

Back To Basics With Clean Comedians®: What Is Appropriate Workplace Behavior?

Appropriate Workplace Behaviors

It can be challenging to stay current with behavioral expectations in the workplace. After all, it seems like the world is constantly adjusting to something new. Key Takeaways Be inclusive of the people around you and embrace diversity Don’t gossip, and shut it down when it does happen Be honest and transparent at all times … Read more

What Makes Up A Happy Workplace In 2023?

Happy Workplace

Happiness is the foundation of an engaged and healthy workplace. In fact, businesses with happy and satisfied workers outperform their competitors by 20%! Key Takeaways Make a healthy work-life balance a priority Help your team focus on personal development Host an entertaining company event Make honesty and transparency a priority Prioritize showing recognition to your … Read more

Corporate Comedians vs. Stand-Up Comedians: What’s the Difference?

Comic Vs Comedian

Understanding all the different comedy terms can be confusing at best. And you’re likely a bit stumped on the difference between a corporate comedian and a stand-up comedian. Key Takeaways A stand-up comedian is someone that performs solo comedy on stage to a live audience A corporate comedian is a performer that delivers clean content … Read more