Back To Basics With Clean Comedians®: What Is Appropriate Workplace Behavior?


Appropriate Workplace Behaviors

It can be challenging to stay current with behavioral expectations in the workplace. After all, it seems like the world is constantly adjusting to something new.

Key Takeaways

  1. Be inclusive of the people around you and embrace diversity
  2. Don’t gossip, and shut it down when it does happen
  3. Be honest and transparent at all times

That’s why here at Clean Comedians®, we always focus on always creating a comfortable and appropriate environment that keeps everyone satisfied!

Keep reading, and we’ll review the basics of what appropriate workplace behavior should look like in 2023.

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#1. Be Inclusive Of The People Around You

We spend a great deal of our precious time in the workplace. The office is a place where we can form friendships and find creative empowerment. And at times, it can even start to feel like one big family!

However, we are all human. Therefore, it’s natural for conflict and disagreements to arise.

To combat this, respect and inclusion are essential. And it’s important for us to recognize that we are all different.

Encouraging Diversity, Respect, and Inclusivity

Even if we work with people that generally look or think the same as we do, that doesn’t inherently mean we’re the same. Everyone has a unique background and set of skills that should be accepted.

And when it comes down to it, our differences are what make us strong. It would be disastrous if your workplace were full of carbon copies. That’s why diversity is important!

An important part of encouraging diversity is prioritizing inclusivity.

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How To Make Inclusivity A Priority

Think about it like this – no one likes to work in a place where they feel left out. Even the best of us can get a little disheartened when we feel like we’re not included in something.

Especially in the corporate workplace where we spend up to 40 hours per week, feeling included is important.

Inclusivity can look like:

  • Not leaving people out of workplace gatherings or simple workplace jokes
  • Treating people how you would want to be treated
  • Being respectful of people and being nonjudgmental

There’s no one surefire way to create an inclusive work environment. But one way to help promote it is by hosting a company event.

Here at Clean Comedians®, we can make your company event a success by providing you with a speaker or comedian that will make it all worth it. And to top it all off, we’re experts in creating an inclusive and comfortable environment for everyone.

We do this by using only clean comedy, in addition to other tactics for entertainment like interactivity and even some magic. That means we don’t use profanity, prejudice, or politics in our acts.

That way, we can ensure everyone has a great time! No one walks out feeling on edge, offended, or left out. Instead, we focus on genuine, clean entertainment that is perfect for your entire team!

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#2. Don’t Engage In Gossip

We are social beings. And in addition to conflict, it’s normal for gossip to circulate every now and again.

Perhaps someone is frustrated with their coworker, or they decided to share a juicy rumor after succumbing to boredom. Regardless of what it centers around, gossip is a negative thing that can truly bring down an entire team.

But just because gossip is relatively normal doesn’t mean it’s okay.

What’s important is to not engage with gossip and shut it down when it does happen.

Gossip only works when people feed the fire. If no one were to gossip, it wouldn’t circulate anymore.

So, play your part. Don’t partake in the gossip and rumors, and do your best to shut it down.

In 2023, gossiping is pretty lame. It’s that simple!

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#3. Be Honest And Transparent

We’ve all told a little white lie before. Maybe we’ve even told a huge lie that was pretty hard to get away with. After all, we’re all imperfect humans and likely have made a mistake or two in our lives.

However, it’s important to remember the basics. And in the workplace, there’s nothing more valuable than open and honest communication.

Integrity is the foundation of the workplace. Without honesty, transparency, and integrity, it’s easy for the entire place to fall apart!

Employees that are honest with each other can more easily create a trusting work environment. And this helps to improve things like engagement, productivity, and motivation.

It might seem obvious at first, but sometimes, it’s easy for those lies to get away from us. Even if we think it’s harmless or too small to even be considered a lie, it helps pave the way for a dishonest and inappropriate workplace.

It’s better to be honest and transparent at all times. And this applies to employees at all levels of a company!

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Wrapping up

Though this list is anything but exhaustive, it’s a refreshing recap of some of the most basic behaviors you should focus on in the workplace. 

Understanding appropriate workplace behavior isn’t rocket science, but it’s essential to review its core concepts at times to ensure you’re on top of it all.

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