27 Entertainment Ideas For Virtual Events


Virtual events have become as common as tea time. Well, that is, if you’re in London.

And if you’re an American who dreams that they were in London, that’s easier than ever with virtual events. But we’re getting a little off track here.

27 Entertainment Ideas For Your Virtual Events

(Can you tell we’re not ready to come back from vacation?) In-person events are once again being put to a halt.

But that doesn’t mean your online event can’t still be spectacular. Let’s see what all you can do with a virtual space and give your virtual attendees a memorable experience!

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What is a virtual event?

Are we still going over this? Yes! Because too many mistake a virtual event for something sad in place of in-person gatherings.

But a virtual event can truly transport you to any virtual environment (like London). Or take you to a virtual setting that actually gets coworkers better acquainted with one another.

An online event can accomplish so many things. Whether it’s for a virtual social event or a virtual corporate event. So here’s how you can make the best of it.

What are hybrid events?

Okay, really quick. If you’re still not 100% on virtual events, consider hybrid events instead.

That way, you get the best of both worlds. So you can check off “in-person event” and “virtual event.” How’s that for a compromise?

Virtual social event ideas

It’s your turn to host a virtual game night. And you have no virtual event ideas on tap. But don’t worry, we’ve got plenty for you to choose from.

#1. Online fitness classes

There’s nothing like getting together with friends to get your sweat on. So get your sweat on in your own living room – and in sweat pants too!

You’d be surprised at how many fitness classes are available online. So if your New Year Resolution was to focus on health, consider this a sign from the universe and do it!

#2. Virtual garden party

Tired of seeing your friends’ living rooms and/or bedrooms with laundry piled high behind them? Then host a garden party and get folks to take that virtual format to the great outdoors!

Or rather the great backyard. You can show off your plant babies or simply just bask in the sun. (You do live in California where the sun’s always shining year round, right?)

#3. Virtual dance party

You can always say you’re hosting a dance party. Or you can surprise attendees in a fun way by getting them to ditch their cares and dance them away while on video platform.

Use these ideas to amp up your virtual event and bring in a corporate entertainer to boost energy as well

We’d recommend this for corporate events as well. But that’s really up to you.

Who knows? Maybe you really want to see Barb from Accounting get down on the dance floor!

#4. Virtual coffee date

Okay, the last virtual event idea got us tired. So it’s time for a little pick-me-up!

Set your next online event date with a friend and grab a cup of joe. Okay, technically this one works for colleagues too – you decide!

#5. Mario kart tour

Maybe you and your friends bonded over playing games. Well, don’t let that stop you just because you’re remote!

Play an online game like Mario Kart which allows for multiple players. And make sure you don’t fall off the Rainbow Road!

#6. Virtual prom

Maybe you didn’t get the best prom night ever. But who says you can get that experience at [insert age here]?!

Besides, a fun virtual event in place of prom might even be more memorable than prom itself. Because when you’re [insert age here,] you probably care way less about what other people think.

#7. Online paint and sip

Virtual happy hour is always fun. But you know what can make that fun online event to another level?

Painting while drinking, drinking while painting! Just don’t mix up the wine with the paint colors.

Or do. Maybe you’ll make a whole new masterpiece altogether!

Virtual corporate events ideas

So you’ve been put in charge of hosting a fun virtual event for the office, huh? Well, consider these virtual event ideas that’ll have you crowned “Belle of the Ball.”

Or “Prince of the Platform.” (Cut us some slack, we were trying to come up with an equivalent on the spot!)

#8. Virtual conference

You’ve been to a virtual conference before and you know the right video conferencing platform. But take it a step up and bring in a virtual comedian to really get things going before you get down to business!

Bring in a virtual event host or emcee to kick things off for your conference

Seriously, a comedian can set the bar for your virtual events. And you may even make a solid connection with the performer for future events too.

#9. Virtual magic show

Planned a corporate trip to the Magic Castle but it got cancelled? Well, leverage virtual venues and bring the magic to your own living room!

Your remote team is sure to love it. Because let’s be honest.

Anyone who says they don’t like close-up magic is lying. (That’s right. We’re calling them out!)

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#10. Virtual booths

Video platforms can be a little difficult to facilitate discussion with large groups. So encourage attendees to set up virtual booths at your virtual event.

This will give folks the opportunity to network in smaller virtual spaces. So for any of those introverts out there who don’t like large crowds in general, this one’s for you.

#11. Virtual beer tasting

Okay, maybe this virtual event idea is better suited for friends. But if you want to get to know your remote teams better, send them a sample flight beforehand and enjoy them together over video chat!

This can be one of the more casual corporate affairs. But that’s not to say that it’s any less important than the corporate events you need to dress up for.

#12. Virtual meeting

A meeting is no revolutionary virtual event idea. But getting a virtual emcee to come in and host is definitely a virtual event idea we bet you haven’t considered.

So if you’ve been getting sweaty palms thinking about hosting your next virtual event, stop right there! And get ready to be wowed by an emcee who can show you just how fun online events can actually be.

#13. Hybrid events

We mentioned this one already, but it’s worth mentioning again! Event planners especially love doing hybrid gatherings within the events industry.

Why? Because it offers them a chance to create engaging content for both the in-person and virtual audience.

Sure, this sounds like some extra work. But when it comes to catering to everyone’s needs, a hybrid format really does take the cake for being the bridge to a compromise.

#14. Team building activity

There’s no question that any group of people – especially remote employees – could benefit from team building. So play some of their favorite team building activities online.

And even hire out a corporate entertainer while you’re at it! If you’ve had a couple of stressful days at work, there’s nothing like humor to pull the office back together.

Team building can still be done at your virtual event through online games or different strategies

Besides, laughter is also good for your health. So when someone contests that it’s not in the budget, just pull the health card and say, “I’m looking out for you, Sharon!!”

#15. Pre-event chat rooms

A great virtual event is one that fosters connections. So research different event apps and see which ones come with a pre-event chat room!

This way, colleagues can network before the virtual event and after. These small things really make one virtual event stand out from the next.

#16. Breakout sessions

Want to know a great way to encourage engagement at your virtual events? Use breakout sessions to mix things up a bit!

Especially if it’s an online course. What? You want your colleagues to really get the ideas down, right? Smaller group sessions are the way to go.

#17. Virtual speed networking

Maybe you’ve witnessed this with other virtual events but consider incorporating it into your own. Whether it’s a standalone event or a part of a larger virtual event, this kind of networking can foster connections beyond the chat room.

Besides, this could be a great time for you to work on your elevator pitch. That is, if your elevator pitch is you and you’re the product you’re selling!

For corporate or social events

Okay, you caught us. We had way too many virtual event ideas that seemed to fit the bill for both social events and corporate events.

You don’t have to thank us for going above and beyond. But you could and we’d blush and say, “Oh my god, it was nothing!”

#18. Virtual escape room

This is one of our better virtual event ideas, we’ll be honest. That’s because a virtual escape room is like a whole team building activity in and of itself.

So you can easily cater to your friends having a fun night trying to escape the virtual event. Or it can be a fun virtual event to treat your coworkers to.

#19. Virtual scavenger hunt

Make your virtual event more active than just sitting on the couch! This is one of those virtual event ideas that you can take with a grain of salt or absolutely run with.

#20. Virtual happy hours

All virtual events need a conversation starter. So why not make the conversation starter what you’re drinking?

Hosting a virtual event may seem daunting so if you need help call on a clean comedian to be there for you

Everyone’s in charge of their own booze so you don’t have to factor that into your budget. And for those that aren’t into alcohol, they can make their own concoctions alcohol-free. Everybody wins!

#21. Online poker games

Get multiple camera angles going and work on your poker face! This way, you won’t be annoyed when the screen freezes because you’ll simply be holding your ground.

#22. Virtual trivia night

Trivia night is a favorite in the office and among friends. So why not bring that to your virtual events?

Give folks the chance to get to know one another better. Besides, you might learn a thing or two yourself!

#23. Virtual photo booths

Want to make the night last longer than other virtual events would? Get a photo booth in there to make some memories.

Even use company filters or just silly stock ones if you’re with friends. Either way, you’ll have proof that virtual events really do bring people together.

#24. Online casino nights

This virtual event idea may require some extra effort on your part. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it!

Step up your virtual events and organize an entire theme. This will be sure to get folks engaged – especially if you encourage them to attend in costume.

#25. Virtual concert

We all miss concerts. But that doesn’t mean a virtual concert can’t still deliver you sweet music and dancing!

Plenty of artists are starting to do virtual concerts as an alternative form to live shows. So treat your office to a night out or take your friends out to see the next biggest star right in your own homes.

#26. Virtual game

If you’re struggling with engagement, the answer is simple. Any virtual game will do.

Sure, some are better than others. But even those that require little effort on your part can do wonders for bringing life to your party.

#27. Come up with an event theme

We’re sure that any online store will provide you with themed backgrounds to use at your virtual party. But try to encourage guests to show up in costume too!

Don’t just rely on the virtual filter. Have some fun with it and get folks excited to be taking part in something fun and new.

Fun virtual event ideas to try today!

We get that some of you might be tired of virtual events. You just want to get back out there already!

And we get it. We do too.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t come to you. And in your own living room, no less.

So amp up your virtual events by sending us an invite. We’ll be sure to bring the house down or raise the roof – whichever direction you want your virtual event to go.

We’re flexible. (Literally.)

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.