20 Ways To Engage Your Virtual Gathering


So you’re trying to get the entire team engaged. But you don’t know how to increase engagement?

20 Ways To Engage Your Virtual Gathering

Yeah, we’ve heard that one before. Team engagement is one of those things that people think is hard to achieve.

So they end up giving up altogether. But with these virtual event ideas, you’ll have the remote team dying to get to their next virtual meeting.

And all to discuss that fun event you hosted. So, are you ready to become the next most popular boss?

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What is virtual team building?

For a quick refresh, let’s go over virtual team building. Namely, what is it?

Well, team building is all about getting your team members to communicate and rely on each other. They don’t have to be buddy-buddy and always talking about their personal lives with one another.

But with enough effort and engagement, remote teams can feel more connected than ever. And far more willing to work towards their common goals in the workplace.

Virtual team building ideas

Now that we’ve gone over what makes virtual team building important, let’s see which of these virtual event ideas can bring your team members together! You might think in-person events are the only way to go.

But remote team building can be just as effective. That is if you have the right kind of attitude (and host…).

#1. Bring in a corporate entertainer

Want to know an easy way of making your virtual meeting fun? Hire some corporate entertainers to come in and join the video call!

Odds are, your remote workers are a little tired of the same ol’ virtual meeting. So shake things up with a little laughter and maybe even some cool tricks!

You never know what might get team members to light up. It could be a standup comedy act or even a close-up magic show.

#2. Play virtual scavenger hunt

If you’ve had a long string of virtual meetings and notice your remote teams are tired, find a time to play a scavenger hunt! You can even do it in a virtual format and make the virtual environment your playing space.

Or get your distributed teams to find common household items around them. Either way, this will give you something fun to talk about at your next remote meeting.

#3. Host a virtual dance party

Sometimes, you just have to shake it off, shake it out, and shake it all around. Besides, project management is all about being flexible and improvising, right?

#4. Play online office games

Get the whole team involved – even if they’re across multiple time zones! There are plenty of on-demand sessions of games that you can find online.

Engage team members with a clean comedian or corporate entertainer

And your remote employees will probably thank you for that well-needed break!

#5. Hire a virtual comedian

Virtual meetings need a little pizzazz. Not all the time. But sometimes.

And your virtual team will get an absolute kick out of a clean comedian. You might not think that being a virtual audience together will make your remote team click more as a unit.

But you’d be surprised at just how much laughter and entertainment can bring together virtual team members. Besides, our virtual comedians are the cream of the crop – so they’re sure to bring you event success.

#6. Get artsy with spreadsheet pixel art

Nothing brings remote teams together like Excel, right? Well, how about giving your virtual teams a twist on the standard template you’re working with everyday. And try adding some digital art into the mix!

#7. Host typing speed races

Does your online team need an outlet for a little healthy competition? Try a speed race at typing and get other team members to step up their game!

#8. Get your team working together with virtual trivia

Team building online doesn’t have to revolve around a game that has nothing to do with your remote team members. Try hosting a trivia game that’s specifically about your virtual team.

With questions like, “Who’s most likely to bring snacks to the virtual conference room only to remember that it’s a virtual conference room…?”

#9. Host a virtual coffee hour

Remote work tries to pack in a lot. After all, your living room becomes your office, your TV room, your kid’s playroom, etc. So host a coffee hour to give a team member that in-person feeling but with a little jolt of caffeine to keep them going.

#10. Get a virtual emcee to host your call

A great way to kick off virtual meetings and virtual events is with an emcee. And if you’re not up to the job, then go with our trusty virtual event hosts who will be sure to make your virtual event a success!

Online events already take a lot of planning. So give yourself a break and don’t try to be the Master of Ceremonies at the same time you’re doing maintenance on the event website!

The events industry will always have people that have your back. Namely, people who are charmingly hilarious and devilishly good-looking… (We’re talking about us. Is that obvious?)

#11. Break up the meeting with a mini game

You’ve played Mario Party, right? Well, if you haven’t, then you don’t even know the joy of mini games.

Break up your virtual event or virtual meeting with a mini game. And get some online team building going on at the same time!

#12. Solve puzzles in breakout rooms

If you’re got a particularly big staff on your remote work team, try breakout rooms as another way to kickstart some team building. Give them puzzles to solve and split them up into small groups.

Infuse fun into your virtual meetings with online games

Then, whoever solves the puzzle first gets some kind of surprise! Maybe a complimentary coffee kit in their mailbox?

#13. Treat remote employees to a virtual concert

Virtual events are everywhere. And that means you can take your team members anywhere with you!

Treat them to a virtual concert. And even have them post pictures of your virtual break room fridge.

#14. Offer a prize to the winner of online games

There are plenty of games you can implement into your remote work place. But offering a prize to the winner will give folks more incentive as the virtual meeting goes on.

#15. Take remote employees on a virtual vacation

Did you hear somebody on your team say they needed a break? Then why not tour a fancy island that’s just five steps to your computer and a couple of clicks away?

#16. Offer up show & tell

Make remote work feel more connected by offering a show & tell portion during your virtual meeting. Maybe a team member wants to show off pictures from an in-person event they attended.

Or maybe they just want to show off their new kitchen remodel. Who knows?

#17. Play Guess Who

If virtual events seem a little too grand to pull off, go with a classic game of Guess Who. It’s easy to play on a computer and is surprisingly like charades when the whole team gets involved.

#18. Send out a party box in advance

Then have each team member open it up on camera! Who said you can’t bring that in-person spontaneity into the remote workplace?

#19. Foster team bonding with some icebreakers

In person, you might have the opportunity to have side conversations and get to know your workers. So infuse that part of the deal into your virtual meeting with some icebreakers.

#20. Try a virtual escape room

There’s nothing that will bring your team members closer together than an escape room. After all, there’s a common goal, there’s critical thinking involved, and there are tons of themed rooms to choose from!

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Benefits of virtual team building activities

Just in case you need a little convincing that this is the right thing to do. Go on.

They boost engagement

This is the goal, right? What did you come to this post for in the first place? 

Team building boosts engagement and refreshes the typical virtual meeting

These activities show workers that you’re invested in their engagement. And showing them that will make them more likely to engage anyway.

They’re a fun way to start meetings off

We all need to be a little silly in our lives. Especially if the work you’re doing with your remote team is stressful.

They bring the team closer together

All work and no play makes – well, we don’t need to bring Jack into this. But if you want your team to thrive and bond together, then this is the way to go.

They shake up the conference call

Don’t get us wrong. We love a good conference call just as much as anybody.

But sometimes, when it’s the same old same old all the time, you need a little variety. Like trying a new ice cream flavor or finally buying that one scone you always wanted to try but never felt confident enough to order.

They influence company culture

How you conduct your meetings has so much influence over the culture of your workplace. So if meetings are all business, then there’s no room for fun anywhere.

We’re not saying that you need to do a complete 180 and go full funny all the time. But having that balance is a great way to demonstrate your values to employees.

They boost everyone’s communication skills

Team building games only work if your team is able to communicate with each other. So if you’re having communication issues in the workplace, these games can help identify areas of improvement.

They give team morale a boost

Is there anything worse than working, working, working and having no positive attitude to accompany? We can’t really think of anything that ranks lower than that.

So give your employees a chance to find the funny in things. Or simply offer them a chance to let their guard down, then get back to work with a more sunny attitude.

Why team members need team building activities

Some people think team building sounds silly. But there are some very real benefits that you’ll notice in your workers after the fact.

Virtual events give them opportunities to connect

Sometimes, there’s simply no time to connect during the work day. Everyone has their head at their desk, only coming up for air when they’re in need of a bathroom or coffee break.

Give employees a chance to connect with these virtual event ideas

But virtual events that bring team members together outside of work hours offer opportunities for connection. And that connection will only help their work thrive once you get back into the virtual office.

Fun games bring out the silly in remote workers

Stress is a necessary part of life. But everybody tends to react to stress in a different way.

So why not give employees the opportunity to combat stress with laughter? Or simply with a smile on their face? These games should be low-stakes, but they’ll teach employees how to positively handle stress when things get a little crazy at the office.

A virtual call needs a refreshing twist after some time

If you eat the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday for 10 years, would you be satisfied? Okay, maybe some people might.

But there’s nothing wrong with variety or simply with shaking things up a bit. So instead of having the same virtual call every week, try infusing a little spontaneity into the mix.

Effective online communication takes practice

Communication is one of the hardest things out there. Whether it’s in our business relationships or personal relationships.

But more importantly, communication takes practice. And these virtual activities offer employees the chance to practice their communication skills in a low-stress, low-stakes environment.

They bring an element of work-life balance

Some say a work-life balance is the key to life. And we’re pretty keen to get behind that opinion as well.

Because when it’s all work and no play, you might go crazy like Jack Nicholson did in The Shining. Okay, maybe you won’t go that far. But it still stands that balance is the key to happiness.

So. Much. Fun!

Remember – if you feel backed into a corner, trying to engage your team, we’re there in your corner too! So use us to your advantage. And get your team back to a place of good camaraderie and fun!

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.