15 Reasons To Hire A Pro MC Rather Than Keeping It In House


So you’ve got a particular project coming up. And you’re debating whether or not to rely on in house hires or choosing a professional MC for your big event.

15 Reasons To Hire A Pro MC Rather Than Keeping It In House

Well, there are a lot of pros and cons to each. But forgive us if we come across as a little biased.

We’re not telling you where to put your money. But haven’t you noticed that your life is just a little bit easier when separate parties or contractors are involved?

Especially when they’re the best of the business and don’t give you any grief? Sure, that might seem like a tall order to you. But that’s exactly what we specialize in here at Clean Comedians®.

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#1. A professional will bring the necessary skills

Your existing employees have a number of amazing skills. Whether they be in project management or continuing education of the company.

But when it comes to hosting an event, it’s a rather different world altogether. Not that your own employees couldn’t do it.

But there may be some knowledge gaps that come up at the last minute. Then your focus isn’t on the new project but on this other set of issues you might not have anticipated.

#2. Preparing as MC can be time consuming

A lot of people tend to downplay just how much time goes into preparing for an event as host. But trust us when we say that it’s no walk in the park.

Sure, the virtual event host you hire may make it seem like a walk in the park. But that’s what their services include – making it look easy when it’s not.

#3. An MC’s hourly rates are not as bad as you think

Maybe money is a deciding factor in this scenario. Well, you might be surprised at how affordable outsourcing can be.

Some hosts or emcees may have a flat rate

According to Zip Recruiter, the average hourly rate for a professional emcee is $37. That’s not really breaking the bank, is it?

#4. Outsourcing also broadens your future contacts

Anyone in business knows just how important networking is. And that doesn’t mean just networking with the same team in charge of planning projects.

It means branching out to create a new network outside of the company’s purview. And hiring someone that other companies may even see as your competitive advantage. 

#5. You can trust a pro with sensitive information

Sometimes, companies will have some information that’s on a need-to-know basis. And sometimes, the MC you hire is in on that need-to-know.

Rather than worry about sharing information with someone in house, why not trust the services of a professional? Who, we might add, is a third party to the company altogether?

Just the way that contractors offer a more objective perspective, virtual emcees can too. Whether it’s about budget, costs, process, you name it. They’ll keep your information safe.

#6. Your team should be focused on the company’s competitive advantage

It might make sense to task somebody in house with hosting. But what about all the other tasks they have to accomplish anyway?

Hiring a professional MC allows your in house employees to spend more time on the project itself. Not balancing their time between trying to decide what to wear, how to write jokes, etc.

(Not to mention, are those jokes even going to be funny? It’s one thing to crack a joke in the break room and a whole other ball game to crack jokes up on a stage.)

#7. Maybe you need to shake things up in the company culture

Sometimes, the culture of an office gets in a bit of a rut. And there’s no shame in saying so. It happens.

Give your in house team time to focus on their own tasks

But an easy way to shake things up in house is by bringing some outside services in. If you hire somebody who doesn’t know that the office is currently in a low, they’ll come in with fresh energy.

That seems to be a pretty nice balance to the cost of a performer, don’t you think?

#8. Hiring services means getting what you pay for

Let’s say you’ve only got a limited number of minutes for an MC to perform their stuff. And you’ve hired in house.

That puts quite a lot of pressure on your in house hire. And you might be hearing about it more than you’d like to.

But a professional will know how to schedule out their performance with ease. Because, well, that’s what they’re paid to do!

#9. A professional comedian can change the entire project

We don’t mean literally. We’re talking about the perspective of a project.

Maybe your team needs a little boost. Or maybe the project even needs a little touching up.

A professional emcee can come in and offer that new perspective. And maybe even share some of that fresh energy with your team members too!

#10. Their expertise will be unmatched when hiring in house

We’re not doubting that you have a stellar team. In fact, we’re banking on it!

You may find a good relationship with an MC for future events

And that’s why you’ll want your stellar team to be focused on the project at hand. Not worrying about how to schedule their time between trying to host and trying to do the actual work.

There is power in delegation. So allow us to take on a couple of tasks for you.

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#11. Most businesses continue working with the right person

When you find a virtual comedian that you’re over the moon about, you don’t want to let them go! Book them for future events and make them a part of the company family.

With a familiar face around, more folks will be excited about the upcoming project. Not to mention you’ll have a professional emcee and friend for life!

#12. Clients will also get a kick out of it

If your project is a kickstart event, then clients will absolutely love that you brought in a professional. That way, it won’t feel like any old product launch.

It’ll feel like an event in and of itself! You know, dinner and a show! (Although we do not provide dinner, so sorry to disappoint…)

#13. A professional brings a new set of ideas

Outside perspectives are rarely given the credit they deserve. And whether it’s an idea about how to present the product or otherwise, a professional may have some tricks up their sleeve.

Besides, your company constantly wants to be learning, right? Well why not learn from someone who’s been in the entertainment business for quite some time?

#14. Hiring outside of the company will actually reduce the amount of tasks you need to accomplish

Work smarter, not harder, right? Well, an MC will allow you to do exactly that!

Hire a clean comedian for your next event

No more having to take on extra duties just to get your own act together for the event itself. Let the professional take care of all that. And you can simply sit back and relax.

#15. Most importantly, you get to focus on the company’s success

Most people find it kind of luxurious to be able to sit back and watch a comedian do their thing. And that’s exactly the kind of luxury we want you to feel.

So whether you’re promoting a new product or thanking donors for their support, an MC can allow you to enjoy those precious moments you won’t want to forget.

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.