14 Ways Entertainment Can Empower Your Group At Your Next Virtual Event


Virtual event ideas can sometimes feel like a burden to come up with. After all, there’s a reason why event planners exist in the first place!

14 Ways Entertainment Can Empower Your Group At Your Next Virtual Event

But if you’re second-guessing whether virtual event ideas are, in fact, a good use of your time, allow us to convince you once and for all. Seriously.

Online events might seem lackluster in comparison to in-person events. But when you infuse the power of entertainment into your virtual events, you still get to have that awesome event experience.

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#1. Entertainment can encourage attendees to participate

Even at traditional events, it can be hard to get everyone to speak up. And this can make virtual events seem a least a little bit more daunting.

But with a virtual event idea or two, you can get attendees engaged. And not just with the complimentary gift baskets you sent out before the virtual event itself. (Wink wink.)

Breakout sessions

At any in-person event, there are opportunities for attendees to talk in the corner. Or generally find more quiet moments during the event to network.

But virtual events can be different when every single attendee is smashed together in the same Zoom call. Instead, try using breakout sessions as a way to whittle down your global audience to a more manageable event size.

Virtual photo booths

Photo booths are also a fun way to get guests engaged. Sometimes, an events platform can feel like one stuffy room.

But photo booths can offer a getaway from the main room. Almost like a virtual trip where you are whisked away into any number of green screen backdrops.

#2. A virtual social event can promote team building

Whether it’s a virtual concert, virtual gala, sponsored session, or scavenger hunt, all of these and more will give folks a shared event experience. Within these experiences, team building can start to unfold.

And before you know it, by the time they’re back in the office, they’ll have bonded more over the team building exercises at your virtual event. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

Welcoming in a Clean Comedian

You might be surprised to know that team building doesn’t just mean everyone getting up on their feet and running around. Instead, team building can happen in a variety of ways.

Make your event all the more special by inviting a seasoned professional entertainer to kick off your event with a bang

Like, say, watching a virtual comedian do their act! Even in a virtual format, laughing together can bond a group like nothing else.

And with as much laughter as you’re experiencing, you’ll feel like you’re at an in-person event. Except you’re just in the comfort of your own living room!

Bring in a guest speaker with a twist

Guest speakers are all good and fun too. Especially if you’re looking for someone with an expertise in your niche event field like the music industry or otherwise.

But don’t let that stop you from bringing in a corporate entertainer. Sure, online events can be packed full of valuable information.

But a fun virtual event will also include some “down time” that actually ends up reinvigorating the crowd. Sounds like a paradox, but trust us when we say it works!

#3. Hosting virtual events means providing speed networking opportunities

Whether it’s a virtual event or hybrid event, networking is one of the key pillars to any successful get together. And if you’re having trouble coming up with conversation starters, then your virtual comedian will give you everything you need to talk about.

A virtual event host can also elevate the online event

If you want your event’s reach to go further than it ever has before, consider bringing in a virtual event host. They’ll know how to make your virtual events come to life.

Breakout rooms may also encourage attendees to speak up

Like we said before, sometimes a big live event can be intimidating for some. But you can easily empower guests to make connections with one another by setting them up in breakout rooms.

#4. Trivia games and other fun quizzes are a great way to boost engagement

We can all agree that fun games are a great way to get attendees involved in what’s going on. So, how about trying some of these forms of entertainment to get the energy rolling?

Virtual pictionary

Use your event’s platform to draw different words or actions. Then, split up attendees into groups so they have a shot at winning it big!

Virtual escape rooms

Nothing promotes team building like trying to escape a room. In fact, some say it’s the best kind of team building exercise out there.

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#5. Virtual games promote healthy competition

We get that some people might be hesitant to include games in their virtual events. But just remember to choose online activities that promote healthy competition, not cutthroat competition.

Leaderboard challenge

To get folks more motivated, set up a leaderboard so attendees can see who’s gaining and who’s in need of a little bit of help. You’ll find that this exercise relates a lot of real world examples.

Like when you’re in the office and need someone else to pick up the slack. Odds are if they do, you’ll be happy to return the favor one day.

A virtual audience will automatically be engaged by fun challenges

We’ve given you a virtual event idea or two. But the main point behind all of these suggestions and challenges is simply to give audience members something to interact with.

It can be something as easy as a social media challenge. Or keeping score on an event app to see who’s in the lead!

#6. The event’s theme will tap into employees’ silly side

Green screen backgrounds are notorious distractions for your video conferencing dates. So why not feed into them and go with a theme?

Event organizers know how to balance professionalism and fun

Team building is all about balancing professionalism and silliness. Because after all, who said that kids are the only ones around here that get to have some fun?

Find a balance at your event by bridging work and play with some entertainment

And fun virtual events bring a work-life balance to the entire online event

Besides, team building also recognizes the need for a work-life balance. And when you demonstrate to an audience member or two that their personal life is also important, they’ll respect the time they have in the workplace more.

#7. Individual sessions showcase your investment in each person

You know how marketing efforts aim to target specific people? Well, why not apply that same theory to your individual employees who are in need of an empowering boost?

Make the virtual event more personal by going 1-on-1

Sometimes, virtual events – and even in-person events – can be overwhelming for those who are a bit shy. But for your next event, you can try to do 1-on-1 sessions.

That way, your events are still focused on empowering your employees. And it may even give you a chance to learn more about them too!

#8. Virtual booths give employees the chance to learn and explore

We can all agree that the fun of an in-person event is wandering around, looking at different events booths. So why not bring that into your virtual events too?

Bring variety to the virtual space to ignite inspiration

Virtual events, and even hybrid events, are a great way to get teams to branch out of their comfort zone. And while virtual events that take place in one’s living room might feel ultra comfortable, virtual booths can add a level of adventure.

The virtual event experience doesn’t need to be the polar opposite of in-person events

You’d be surprised at just how empowering it can be to discover a new booth at an events platform then bring it back to introduce to the team. So give the next person in your group the chance to do exactly that.

#9. Virtual magic can do wonders for team spirit

Who said magic was only for kids? And who said magic couldn’t translate easily from in-person to hybrid events or virtual events? (A non-believer, we’d wager.)

Get family members involved to enjoy some entertainment as well

As we mentioned earlier, an event that aims to empower its group should also be focused on work-life balance. And a magic act can easily get family members involved to make that balance come to fruition.

Family friendly fun at your event can encourage guests to bring others and make your event even bigger than you thought

#10. A virtual photo booth reminds folks of the fun they had

Virtual events take a lot of planning. And who knows when the next online event will be? So make this virtual event count by setting up a photo booth to savor the memories.

A virtual summit may be short, but the memories should last much longer

Ideally, a successful event will go on for longer than the actual event itself. That is to say that people will continue talking about it for months to come.

And you know what’s always a great conversation starter? A silly event photo taped up on the office fridge to remind folks of the fun they had!

#11. Special events will enhance your regular virtual meetings

Work hard, play hard” isn’t just an excuse to have a party. It’s about a give and take – and one you’ll surely appreciate as an employer.

Fun virtual events can inspire employees to participate more in the office

A virtual event can bring out so many different sides of your employees. And you may decide that some of those sides better show up in the conference room after the fact.

In fact, events such as these are a great way to test your group’s limits and see what they’re capable of. Then, when you get back to business, you’ll have a whole new arsenal of skills waiting to be tapped into.

#12. As employees open up, they may provide valuable insights

A virtual event is all good and fun. But it can also offer the opportunity to assess, reflect, and grow from past events or even previous mistakes.

Invite attendees to share their thoughts on how things can improve

After the virtual event is the perfect time to gather feedback from the group. Ask them what could have been improved or what elements they particularly enjoyed. This feedback can go on to influence the next set of events.

#13. Fun virtual event ideas can also be collaborative

Additionally, virtual events such as these should be collaborative. If you’re hosting an event for a specific group of people, you’ll want those people to enjoy the event overall.

Asking the people attending what they want makes the entertainment a team effort

We think it’s fair to say that people like having a say in what corporate entertainment gets brought in. So make your event entertainment all the more collaborative and ask your group for their insights.

Make the entertainment at your event a fun and collaborative process among employees

#14. Event apps can keep remote employees connected

To accompany the virtual event, an app can keep everyone connected. And remind your group that the event is, in fact, a team effort. Especially for remote teams, this is the perfect way to keep any team building momentum going.

You never know what like minded people will be brought together

There are plenty of benefits to come out of a virtual event or events. Not only are their networking opportunities for employees to engage in.

There are opportunities for like minded people to get to know one another. And with the right kind of entertainment at your virtual event, all of these connections will be made easier.

Wrapping up

You might have gone into this post thinking that an event is just an event. And while that is true, an event is also so much more.

So give your group the chance to feel empowered at your next set of events. And keep them in the planning loop to make the event process all the more collaborative.

This way, you’ll remain transparent with your event goals. And you’ll get everyone engaged and invested in the event before it even happens. 

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.