10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Entertainment At Your Virtual Event


Do any of these questions sound vaguely familiar to you? Like the ones you lie in bed awake thinking about at 2am?

  • When are in-person events coming back?
  • And in the meantime, how do I make my virtual event amazing?
  • Who comes up with virtual event ideas?
  • And what new ideas will keep virtual attendees engaged?
  • Did I forget to buy milk at the store?

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Skip Entertainment At Your Virtual Event

Okay, we admit that last thought came out of nowhere. But isn’t that how 2am thoughts go?

While we can’t answer your last question about milk, we can definitely offer you some tips when it comes to hosting virtual events. Particularly, why you should never ever skimp on the entertainment your virtual event attendees will surely enjoy.

Of course, with our advice, you can take it or leave it. But if you want your next virtual event to be an absolute smash, we’d recommend you read on.

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#1. Entertainment draws a larger audience

A successful virtual event happens only with small groups. True or False?

Well, we won’t get into that debate. Of course, you want the right attendees to show up to your event and encourage other participants to get involved.

But if you’re looking to facilitate networking within a larger audience, why not use your entertainment as bait? (Not that we’re suggesting you lure people to attend your virtual events. Or are we?…)

Either way, virtual conferences can already draw in so many people to attend. So why not give them even more reason to log onto your online event?

Bigger than your target audience

Event organizers will have any number of event goals in mind. But you can bet your bottom dollar that their main goal is bringing in as many attendees as possible.

Not only will a corporate entertainment act get attendees’ attention. They’ll also give other attendees something to talk about as they branch off into breakout rooms.

Besides, just ask any pro event organizer if virtual events do better with entertainment. We can guarantee you they’ll absolutely say yes.

#2. They’re great at engaging attendees

It’s true that by now, some people are getting tired of the virtual setting. Sure, event technology has added value to any digital event out there.

But sometimes, attendees are just looking for a little something extra in a virtual event. And that’s where entertainment comes in.

Hiring a virtual comedian to come in and crack some jokes might seem like a simple thing to do. But that’s the genius of it.

It’s simple yet it’s effective! Because online events can all benefit from a little bit more laughter, especially if the content of the virtual conference is a little less than inspiring in the laughter department.

Attendee engagement is one of the key performance indicators

Okay, you might plan on holding educational sessions and be wondering where comedy fits into it all. Well, comedy gets people engaged.

Engage guests with a corporate entertainer or virtual comedian

It literally makes them lean in unlike any other kind of entertainment. The setup and punchline helps folks see the arc of the entire presentation.

And when they’ve got that kind of engagement all geared up, they’re more than ready to soak up new information. Think of a clean comedian as the appetizer to your main dish.

Just there to wet the appetite. And give more value to the main event.

#3. They give you the opportunity to run with an event theme

Like we said before, virtual events can get old after a while. Especially after 2 years of them.

So giving your next event a theme is another great way to engage attendees. With a theme, you can get more creative with the kind of entertainment you bring in.

And it will only enrich the audience experience of the virtual event itself. Besides, there are plenty of video conferencing tools to help you make that theme come alive, so why not use them?

Come up with an event hashtag

If your sales team hasn’t come up with an event hashtag by now, then tell them to get on it! This way, you can circulate word of the virtual event across multiple online platforms.

And you can advertise the entertainment acts you’re going to treat attendees to! And you can use this hashtag as a post event strategy too.

Get folks to post about their virtual event experience with the hashtag online. Then, see your feeds flood with attendee pictures of breakout sessions and keep the momentum going!

#4. Entertainment offers networking opportunities

You might not think so, but entertainment can actually offer networking opportunities. And no, we don’t mean with the virtual comedian themself.

But sometimes, we do! You never know if your virtual events in the future could benefit from the same comedian.

Or maybe even the next in-person event you host! Either way, you can gauge from attendee data just how effective the entertainment act was.

Then consider those options for future events. Not to mention that an entertainment act gives attendees something to talk about amongst themselves!

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#5. A virtual experience gives fellow attendees a shared experience

There was a time when we thought that real-life friendships were more important than virtual ones. But in this digital age, we’d wager that both are just as important as the other.

Give virtual attendees the chance to bond over an entertainment act

And with the right tools, you can give attendees the chance to engage with one another. All through a virtual entertainment act that they can recall as their first encounter.

Laughter brings an audience together

There are some things that just bring people together in this world. And laughter is one of them.

That shared adrenaline and release of tension can do more bonding than any number of happy hours can. And post event, you may find that some attendees are still in touch with each other even after the event.

#6. An engaging event host can help you achieve your business goals

A virtual event host might seem like just another cost. But when you go virtual, you can afford to hire out this advantage.

Before the event, you can discuss your goals with them. And they’ll be sure to implement such goals into effect as the event goes on.

Think of it as a pre-game talk. And your main player makes sure to seal the deal all while entertaining the audience and keeping your virtual event going.

#7. Entertainment mimics an in-person experience

Instagram Live is great! But it can only mimic in-person events so much.

Luckily, when an entertainment act is involved, folks forget they are attending virtual events. They’re just engrossed with the entertainment happening before them.

We’re not guaranteeing that our Clean Comedians® can literally transport your audiences to another place and time. But their act can certainly do wonders to free up the imagination and get folks laughing and enjoying themselves.

It bridges together the best of both virtual events and in-person events

There are certainly a lot of pro’s to virtual events. And we’re not trying to say that virtual events or in-person ones are better than the other.

Virtual event hosts can also engage audiences

But when it comes to entertainment, we certainly think it manages to bridge the gap between the two. Our comedic acts certainly won’t compromise quality just because they’re performing over a virtual platform.

If anything, it will enhance the important points of the event. And give your event a leg up over the competition.

#8. It gives remote attendees a break from Zoom fatigue

Has Zoom fatigue officially been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary? Because if not, we’ll draw up a petition right now to have it added ASAP.

Fatigue from a virtual event is a very real thing. And it requires everyone to be “on” at all points of the event.

But when a corporate entertainer walks in, they’re the only ones that need to be “on.” So give everyone else a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

They may even be more energized after the fact to engage with the material of the virtual event at hand! Who knows!

#9. Entertainment enhances the virtual environment

Are you tired of staring at your coworkers’ living rooms? Or maybe that one virtual background they refuse to sign on without?

Then consider an entertainment act a nice change of scenery. Not just a change of pace.

Adding something new to the mix is a great way to shake things up. And grab peoples’ attention.

So no, it’s not just an excuse to put work down for a little bit before diving back in. It’s a chance to reinvigorate the virtual space and give attendees the chance to reorient themselves.

Not just the same virtual event platform

Sure, there are a number of virtual event platforms for people to choose from nowadays. But for some, the novelty of virtual events have worn off.

Measure event ROI after an entertainment act and see the benefits

Luckily, an entertainment act offers a fresh new take on the event since entertainers are constantly coming up with new material! Now that’s a way to change up the environment, huh?

#10. They just make online conferences more fun!

We like to think we’ve been generous in giving you 10 reasons to include entertainment at your virtual events. But we really only think you need 1.

And that reason is this: they’re fun! Our comedians and performers make any event an unforgettable one.

And with follow up, we’re sure your attendees will say the very same thing too. There are plenty of ways you can try to spruce up an event here or there.

But entertainment makes sure that attendees are well cared for and catered toward. After all, when an event includes entertainment, it tells the attendees that they’re being looked after.

So take care of your guests. And offer them only the best in virtual entertainment!

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.