Robert Strong

Comedy Magician

“His outstanding performances made the promotion a huge success; he generated
sales and created a tremendous amount of goodwill for the company.”

-Nabisco, Inc.


It all started when young Robert Strong visited Baltimore. A magician in the Amphitheater mesmerized him. At that moment Robert vowed to be the best magician ever. His parents considered therapy, but magic lessons were cheaper.

Robert continued training at Tannen’s Magic School in New York and Towson University in Maryland. He then studied with touring stand-up comedians, Cirque du Soleil choreographers, Ringling Brothers circus clowns, Broadway directors, and world-class jugglers.

Because Robert has worked all over the world, he has mastered performing for multi-lingual audiences. His shows are very visual and interactive with a lot of fun variety, i.e.; mind-reading, pick-pocketing, escapes, and juggling.

Robert has performed in over 40 countries, in all 50 states, and twice at the White House. He has starred in a number of national television commercials, and made appearances on every major network! Wherever Robert goes, he still carries that sense of wonder and passion for magic that he first experienced as a youngster in Baltimore, but now he is the one doing the entertaining!

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