Greg Bennick

Keynote Entertainer

“Greg is a world-class speaker and philosopher. He is inspiring, articulate and
a magician when it comes to putting his experiences into words to infuse fire
in people’s hearts.”

D. Khaleghi, Evergreen State College


Greg Bennick is a premiere keynote entertainer, speaking with impact to meetings, conferences, banquets, and special events worldwide. Running in lengths up to sixty minutes, the performance is as much juggling, mind reading, and improvisation as it is comedy situations involving audience members. Have no fear: everyone who comes up onstage ends up as a hero. No volunteer is ever made to look foolish or to be embarrassed. Making sure your audience is taken care of is as much of a priority for Greg as it is for event planners like you. Everyone has a good time.

Whether you choose to have Greg incorporate ideas and messages into the show, or just have the show be entirely for fun: audiences worldwide agree, that this is the perfect entertainment for your event.

Keynote Speaker

Greg offers new ideas about serving people more effectively, teamwork, managing the unexpected, and how to deal with a life in constant motion. He describes facing and exploring fear and utilizing more effective communication. He uses constant visual comedy, using juggling as a metaphor for his topics and can customize this core concepts to include messages specific to your event. In his keynotes, especially in those for business clients, Greg explores the idea that it is people first, not profits first, that drives success. Its time for all of us to redefine what “success” means and how we achieve it.

Greg will customize his presentation to your event’s theme in order to maximize the overall impact. Greg has been called on to speak before an enormous range of clients from all walks of life, including events just in need of entertainment, to companies who need to shift their perspectives, academic conferences, major universities, and public audiences worldwide.

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