Charles Marshall

Humorous Motivational Speaker, Keynote

Humorous Motivational Speaker, Keynote


Charles has been a full-time funny motivational speaker since 1991 and has traveled the country performing in countless venues in most of the United States. With over 23 years of full-time experience as a national keynote speaker and comedian, he has mastered his craft. He will use this expertise to deliver a professional program at your event that will have audience members rolling in the aisles. He is comfortable performing in almost any venue and can tailor his program to meet the needs of his hosts.

Charles reinforces his humor with poignant insights and salient strategies that your audience members will immediately connect with. He is adept at engaging his audience’s attention with humor and then driving his point home with a powerful and potent message. Charles is the author of the modern day motivational classic Shattering the Glass Slipper, whose central message is that success is available for all who harness, develop, and apply their Seven Powers. He Leaves audiences feeling encouraged, uplifted and refreshed!

Keynote Speaker

The S.E.R.V.E Method™
Creating Success with Extraordinary Customer Service

The Seven Powers of Success™
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How to positively impact the lives of others without wearing a costume

The Character Question

How character impacts business and community

Take Two Chuckles and Call Me in the Morning
Relieving stress through the healing power of laughter

Living the Intentional Life™
Real success is never accidental

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