Cary Trivanovich

Comedy and Pantomime

“The audience was blown away”

Cecilia Cho, Former Club Hub Director,
Claremont McKenna College


The most significant distinction of Cary Trivanovich would be the unprecedented performance he created while he was still a teen, mixing pantomime with verbal humor. Los Angeles theatre critics used phrases like “remarkably prodigious talent” and “perfect cartoons” to describe him then, and high school activities directors gave unheard-of comments like “it ran into lunch by choice of students,” and “I have never witnessed our auditorium so mesmerized by anything.” Today, the performance is world-class comedy. The performance experience is unlike anything in the world, called by one critic, “as visually stimulating as it is funny to the bone.”

Cary has wowed audiences in entertainment and theatrical venues around the world, as well as film and television, and has used his talent to inspire students in thousands of schools throughout North America, bringing a message with his performance to stop bullying and to instill the wonder of life.

Keynote Speaker

A Step Above Success

Cary Trivanovich’s unique keynote, as it includes his renowned performance, inspires business delegates to think beyond their own success – To be significant in the eyes of their clients, their company and their peers. This keynote is a fresh, fun, yet introspective way to remind the eager ladder-climber that business is not “all about you.”

Bullying Should Be None of Your Business

As America’s leading speaker on Bullying Prevention in schools, Cary Trivanovich has invaluable insight into why such a teenage delinquent mindset carries into the adult workplace, and what can be done about it.

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