Carl Andrews

Mental Comedian, Entertainer

Mental Comedian, Entertainer


A master showman, Carl is the consummate entertainer whose engaging and interactive performance style is Clean, Fresh and Funny!

Carl’s award winning act has taken him to over 60 countries on 5 continents. He has appeared in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood. He is an International Award-Winning performer, lecturer and author of several highly acclaimed books and instructional videos.

His must-see mental comedy show has made him a favorite after-dinner entertainer for top Fortune 500 companies such as Sony, Aflac, State Farm, Toyota, Ford, 7UP, Dole, Delta Faucet, Lilly, Porsche, Chrysler, Texaco, Nestle, AT&T, Isuzu & BMG Music.

Carl’s stand-up mental comedy show is good clean fun for audiences of any size. When Carl is on stage, the audience is thoroughly involved as he reads their body language and hidden thoughts. Perfect for conventions, banquets, colleges, corporate and special events. Several audience members are brought up on stage adding to the excitement. The act blends suggestion, perception, deception and misdirection with lots of comedy for a truly entertaining show.

Carl is guaranteed to whip your audience into a full-throttle frenzy of fun. And of course, you get all the credit! After your guests dust themselves off from rolling in the aisles, they will thank you personally.

He calls his performance “Mental Comedy”, a show that happens in your mind!

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