5 Steps To Create A Successful Speech

May 20th, 2015 by

Next time you need to create a POWERFUL presentation, use this simple 5 Step sequence:

1. POW! Grab your audience right off the bat. Get their attention with a joke, a story, or a startling statement.

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2. PAIN Make sure you let them know why this talk is crucial for them to hear. Why do they need it? Who cares?

3. PRESCRIPTION This is the main part of your message. Share 2 to 3 ways your listeners can experience the solution to their problem/pain/danger/need.

4. PROOF Give examples (stories are best) that demonstrate to your audience that what you are saying will actually work for them. Note: Stories beat powerpoint, but only every time!

5. PURCHASE Invite them—better yet—urge them to take a specific action immediately. Urgency is key.

Here’s an example of these 5 Steps in action:

(Pow!) Clean Comedians wants you win $25,000 for our 25th Anniversary!

(Pain) Don’t take the risk of being embarrassed by a foul-mouthed entertainer at your next event. Instead, make your event a winner by contacting us.

(Prescription) Contact She will help you find a comedian, magician, or variety artist who will make your next event a huge success. Plus, you’ll get a $100 Amazon gift card—and a chance to win $25,000 on June 1st.

(Proof) We have been delighting audiences with good, clean fun since 1990.  Here’s your money-back guarantee: “If it isn’t funny—we’ll refund your money.”

(Purchase) There are only 7 spots left in our 25K Giveaway contest! Get your special event entertainment on the calendar and your chance to win big by contacting right away.

Yours for great events…and presentations,

Adam Christing, Founder