10 Tips for Hosting a Successful Fundraiser

Use Funny to Raise Money

  • Capture their attention with some special surprises!
 Bring in a marching band, celebrity, or impressionist to delight them.
  • •  Create mystery. What is inside of the big box? Who will win the amazing grand prize? Who will you announce as your special guest speaker?
  • •  Consider hosting a game show like “Name that Tune” or “Friendly Feud.” 
Get your people engaged in a fun activity at their tables and on the stage.
  • •  Color your event with LOTS of variety. Don’t do the same thing year after year. Mix it up with music, humor, interaction, special foods, and FUN.
  • •  Close your evening on a high note! Leave your attendees with smiles on their faces by ending with a song, a special giveaway prize, or a humorous highlight video.
  • •  Celebrate with lots of fun and laughter at your gala or annual dinner. 
Find ways to make your attendees smile and laugh at your fundraiser.
  • •  Contract a professional (and humorous) Master of Ceremonies. 
A professional MC will keep your program moving and your audience engaged.
  • •  Comedy is your secret weapon. Give your guests the gift of good humor. 
Hire a hilarious entertainer who will be appropriate for your organization and appreciated by all of your attendees.
  • •  Community is the name of the game. Involve your group with memorable audience participation moments. Build camaraderie, and giving increases.
  • •  Customize the program around the unique personalities in your room.
Who can you toast? Who can you honor or roast?

Bring Funny to Your Fundraiser:

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