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    Give Your Group the Gift of Laughter!

    We can help you make your annual dinner meeting, company kick-off program, awards show, holiday party, or other special event a big hit. Clean Comedians represents the best professional speakers and comedians that will delight everyone in your audience without offending or embarrassing. We will help you maximize the impact of your corporate or non-profit event while staying within your program budget. Clean Comedians works with organizations big and small, including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, 3M and many more.

    Find the Perfect Entertainer or Speaker for Your Event

    In addition to our stand-up Clean Comedians, we are your resource for comedy magicians, motivational speakers, variety entertainers, keynote speakers, jugglers, and MCs (master of ceremonies). We will entertain your guests while making your next meeting unforgettable. Schedule one of our professionals for your next company event, sales meeting, association gathering, church concert, school program, or fundraiser gala. Our “funny-back guarantee”: Your group will laugh together. In fact, if it isn’t funny, we’ll refund your money!

    It Doesn’t Have to Be Filthy to be Funny

    Our corporate comedy performers replace vulgarity with variety. When you hire Clean Comedians, you don’t have to worry about embarrassing your organization or upsetting your company’s HR department. Our event entertainers say “No” to G.R.O.S.S. material (gender bashing, racially offensive jokes, obscenity, sexual innuendo, and swearing). Fun is not a 4-letter word.

    Here’s the best part about speaking with our Event Specialist and scheduling one of our entertainers or speakers… You will get all the credit for a fantastic meeting. Get in touch with us today, no matter where your next meeting takes place in the U.S.A, Canada, or anywhere in the world.

    Clean Comedians

    A special corporate event is an important step in the right direction for any business. Being able to establish a team bonding session and bring everyone together is essential to the company’s success. Laughing brings people together, so when you hire a comedian you know this will be beneficial to your entire group.

    Hiring a female Clean Comedian is a one-stop entertainment solution for all corporate events and can be a fantastic show-stopper at the venue. When you hire a comedian, know that this is a team that has a good understanding of what comedy is all about and what a corporate event requires. Even if you check them out on comedy YouTube channels or on Spotify, their humor and clean comedy is bound to impress.

    Our Clean Comedy offers:

      • Improve Clean Team Bonding with a comedian
      • Provide Wonderful Clean Comedy
      • Comedians Have Years of Expertise in Handling Corporate Crowds
      • Can Customize Clean Comedians to Meet Company Needs
      • Booking of cleancomedians that is SUPER easy!
      • Clean representation of your company’s culture
      • Comedy and Clean Comedy at that!
      • A comedian provides wonderful mix of comedy and entertainment
      • Ease and stress-free when you hire a comedian
      • A cleancomedians entertainer includes: variety, comedians, comedy, clean comedians, clean comedy, speakers, magicians, and so much more!
      • A long history of providing excellent comedy, through cleancomedians experience and knowledge of clean comedy!
      • A long list of family friendly clean comedy- all on our comedy youtube channels!
      • You can also check out our black clean comedians on spotify, or on netflix.
      • You know cleancomedy is hard to come by, well Clean Comedians has you covered! Come in dirty, exit clean on the other side!

    CleanComedians is all about setting the right tone and ensuring comedy is a gateway to future success. This is not just about getting a few laughs but making sure the company bonds as one throughout the event.

    Company culture is all about the little details and ensuring people feel a part of the team. This is how the company’s vision can come to light, and when you hire a comedian, that’s what Clean Comedians can help promote. Their comedy is going to be funny, exciting, and in line with what the company needs. Hosting a corporate event has never been more simple with the help of CleanComedians.

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